Being restricted to an iPod Classic and iTunes for Windows as my means for podcast listening has been… uh, eye-opening.

I see a number of people talk about “I’m not sure if can replace Twitter”, whether they mean for themselves as a direct replacement or from an objective POV where it becomes huge or significant. Honestly, I don’t think this is the point at all. Let Twitter be Twitter.

I’m still thinking about Patriot. The pace of each episode is careful, one of the reasons it continues to resonate. 📺

Is HomePod a failure yet? Did anybody check? WON’T SOMEBODY MAKE SURE THAT CUPERTINO STILL EXISTS.

This week on Micro Monday I want to talk about @Verso, who opens up rabbit holes, asks questions that stay with me long after reading them on the tl, and really really gives no shits about being honest. +1 would recommend ✨

Does anybody have a good resource about using alt and title tags? I only want to implement them if they improve accessibility, rather than actually harming accessibility.

Getting chores done is my favourite new answer to “What did you do today?” 💪

Can’t stop thinking about the dynamic between podcasters who say they don’t trust Facebook with their data but then go ahead and advertise Squarespace who have the power to build people up via their websites and then just take it away at any time.

Phew! All caught up on my mentions and a chunk of my tl from today. Feels much more satisfying as compared to Twitter. ✨

I wonder if the juxtaposition of IndieWeb and Apple enthusiasts is as interesting as I think it is. I guess hardware and foundational software isn’t made to a decent and accessible standard by indie people? Probably not even possible at this point.