Replying to: philosopher @philosopher

@rishabh I see people stressing about trying to get one, because you know, global supply chains in the time of a pandemic. The two years is just to point out two things;

  1. These machines always take at least 12-18 months to really get going, due to the way game development works with regard to optimising the software for the new hardware.
  2. Two years feels like a long time specifically in the context of the environment in which this artificial shortage has been drummed up (hand-in-hand with the general short-cycle mindset that has permeated consumer electronics thanks to the likes of Apple and Samsung), so I tried to put it on their terms.

These machines are different and should not be treated like the latest handheld device with all of the accompanying breathless marketing. Not only could you get one in 12-24 months from now and still be perfectly within the definition of "new" but you would then be able to use it to play amazing games for years to come.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods