Simon Woods

@JohnPhilpin I don't think this friction will be alleviated until the team is expanded to include more people who are different enough from the current team. Between technical expertise and major Apple bias*, lacks the kind of diversity that can grow the community by example in a bigger way.

/* the big problem with that bias is that it mostly includes: US men with money who read Daring Fireball. Whilst there is more than that in the community, it appears to still be the overwhelming majority.

Messaging and better guidance can help solve these issues but as I've learned, it's difficult to do that for free, and as quickly as it really could be done. There's been some bad luck but there are also some missing foundations... again, I agree with you in that this might also be due to a different of perspective. You and I might have entirely different ideas compared to the most important people -- Manton especially -- and the problem with that is there are clearly not enough people with the necessary resources to fully prove these points with substance. Either those people are getting or have jobs elsewhere, or have difficulty reconciling the obvious complications of with the proposed message of simplicity.

The only reason I even feel comfortable posting this is that Manton has spoken about his frustration with people misunderstanding his motives... to be honest, I think that works both ways and it's unfair to expect people to understand a thing that has not been explained all that well. There's a point at which either is going to grow and make the necessary, albeit difficult, changes at a deep level ... or it will in fact remain what it now looks like, the thing for which it was once criticised; Manton's own private party which you either fit in with or just... 🤷‍♂️

(I'm sorry for posting this in replies... finding it difficult to get in the flow of good, structured long-blogging at the moment)