Replying to: SimonWoods @SimonWoods

When it comes to the ideals of patience and care, and having a long-term view of progress... all of this is great insofar as how well embedded it is into the philosophy, and for the most part I think excels because of these intentional choices.

However, I find it difficult to justify praising the community when it can be so damned difficult to even find the highlights.

I believe we're way past due for improvements to what is often called "Discovery".

Over the past five years people have consistently reported bugs, made feature requests, initiated and contributed to discussions about this issue and as such I would be baffled if the team does not currently have in their possession a whole host of customer-driven data as regard to this issue.

It's difficult, sure, but at this point I also believe that the core of the community trusts the team to make good changes, and if needed adapt depending on whatever may happen when such changes are made. Given this, I see no reason as to why Discovery should not improve, if only from at least an internal, member-focused POV.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods