Replying to: pratik @pratik

@pratik @vincent @manton I also agree; the group feed is a great idea, which makes me think of Tumblr having the "staff" blog and when Twitter had shared blogs with each post attributed to the individual team member.

I'm very much against forcing anyone to follow anything, though suggestions could work well since the people who are likely to be enthusiastic about the community are more likely to be interested in at least seeing the team accounts.

I think somebody earlier in the conversation — can't recall who right now and I struggle to read flat conversation threads — suggested asking the community to opt-in as suggested accounts for following, which I also like a lot; similar to how people were asked to contribute quotes for the homepage.

When it comes to the popularity issue, the suggested accounts could be rotated. Also, we already have manual recommendations in the form of Micro Monday and I think that has worked well.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods