Replying to: odd @odd

@odd The latest I've seen from Manton is a vague idea about "some things not working".

The problem there is that a lack of guide for reference (to be fair, I haven't checked if there is one so that could be my fault) combined with nothing in the UI to even hint as to what you can do means that confusions and frustration is inevitable. I have no idea if we're in enough of a majority to warrant attention with this issue; it could be that the vast majority of people on the timeline never try to use any formatting.

I agree that strikethrough should be considered in common enough usage as to rank alongside italics and bold. However, I have no idea if that is as easy to implement as italics and bold. Hopefully it is just as easy, since then I think there's a good chance we'll get it.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods