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One of my favourite changes to my behaviour as a writer was massively reducing the amount of qualifiers used whenever I state an opinion.

It’s ok if people disagree with what you say; it is not the end of the world.

It’s ok to choose to use Facebook or to not use Facebook.

It is extra ok to not insult people depending on their choice.

Life is hard enough, ok?

Open Twitter -> Settings -> Data usage -> Video autoplay -> Never

“Discover America’s National Parks” says Apple Maps.


Has the post count in the Mentions tab on iOS always been so small? It must be limited by date or something…

If Apple doesn’t fix certain things about iPad OS this summer I’m going to sell this magic keyboard. If I had a Mac right now this would still be the case; this machine is a great tablet, however not nearly good enough for anybody remotely interested in the web even as a hobby.

Music library control of any kind on iOS is crap. Apple needs to prove they “love music” or “have it in our DNA” or whatever.

Using the free version of WorkFlowy on Safari for iPad because it’s still the best app for list-based outlining that works for me.

Such a shame they haven’t, or can’t update the iPad app to match the keyboard-based controls from the web.

I look forward to trying out the new Bookshelves feature for Unfortunately I will have to wait; the idea of multiple accounts doesn’t work well for Safari on the iPad in general, let alone for any particular platform.

What I’ve seen so far looks great. So I’ll wait.

Seeing people request that the new Bookshelves feature on be expanded to include movies, music, and so on.

If that were to happen I hope the feature would become a general “Library”. It’s quite a big addition as is, and feels a little odd next to the other tabs.

Countdown to people requesting the new not-even-out-of-beta Books feature for iOS 😂

To vidya gamer micronauts re: Nintendo 🕹

Is it better to get the physical or digital copy of a game?

There are people who contribute to making things better, and then there are people who choose to run away. I endeavour to be the former much more often than the latter.

When our younger kitty turns on the charm she really turns on the charm. It’s like stepping into a Disney movie.

I’m looking forward to posting things in the evenings again. There’s something about evening blogging, something in the air even.

Taking regular breaks has become an important part of my working schedule.