I’m gonna drop WorkFlowy, for good this time. The way they hijack the keyboard when multi-selecting items, specifically in iOS, feels terrible.

Now to decide if I need a cross-platform outliner that better treats the lists as plain text, or if I just don’t need one at all.

I’m starting to think The Internet isn’t the best place in which to make jokes.

We have a special visitor stopping by tomorrow; a golden labrador by the name of Wendy!

Today I am preparing the house for this auspicious occasion, including lots of cleaning and tidying. Yes, that’s right, I put more effort into preparing for visiting animals than I do people.

First imagine the person about whom you are talking is in fact the most important person in the world to you, then go ahead and publish that post.

Windows: “Select a time to restart”

Me: “How about no”

Basecamp is easily one of the best Windows apps I have used.


I am eschewing this streaming trash and managing my MP3s!

Me, five seconds into dealing with duplicates:

… shit.

… the more a writer attributes the actions of Apple, an enormous corporation with thousands of talented employees, to Steve Jobs, who is just one man and neither an engineer nor a designer, the more likely the writer is an idiot, a hack, or both.

John Gruber, “Fast Company”

I feel so sorry for the people at Fantastical.

The mob mentality of Twitter is going to damage the prospects for the 3rd party ecosystem. Who could possibly be motivated to try to make a living when people lash out in this immature and dangerous way.

I have a visceral reaction to sites that block “open in new tab” and force pop-ups as an alternative. This bullshit should be illegal.

Two of my favourite things about my iPhone SE are;

  • the lack of a stupid bump;
  • the shape and size for properly holding it.

Today I am grateful for @manton, @macgenie, @cheesemaker and all of the work they do to make I am also grateful for the community, and everything you all do to make this a space I feel motivated to visit.

Thanks to all of you I can feel sane on the web. πŸ™β€

Why did I say thoughtful so many times? Because there is value in infusing everything we do and say with empathy. Every word, every feature, considered.

Becky Hansmeyer, Shaken Faith

@becky also hit on a broader point regarding social media. There’s a lot in that.