It’ll be interesting to see who, if anyone, Gruber gets access to at this years WWDC. Lot of (rightful) condemnation coming from him over the past few months.

Foiled by the (web) post blog switcher again. Curses!

Using a web service to host your photos has never been a good idea. There’s no point getting mad at the companies who (mistakenly) allowed their service to be used for this function.

Thinking about the independent web being friendlier to the average person – which is true – but an important part of that equation is how it shouldn’t be too easy.

Think about our world and the things that are convenient to the point of almost no effort. How good are they?

Reading user feedback on the web via the filter of offering support is an exercise in patience, and practise in the art of not replying instantly. To the people who get paid to do this; I applaud you.

When Apple inevitably closes the iTunes Store it’ll be interesting to see if somebody else fills the void. Maybe Bandcamp will finally get the mainstream push it deserves…

I need people with annual subscription offerings to listen to me:

You need to show the god-damn ANNUAL. PRICE.

Confirmed: gotten is not a word. You can all stop using it now.

Finding new keyboard shortcuts that halve your workload feels so damn good.

My tolerance for advertising – especially that of low quality – has sunk to almost zero.

Un-following accounts on is much more difficult than doing the same on the silos. Signal-to-noise ratio is simply superior.

Now would be a good time to learn Hugo and the ins and outs of themes, huh.

Do you know what’s better than a “Carer’s Awareness Day”?

Pay the fucking carers, that’s what.

Just because something is in “the News” doesn’t mean you are duty-bound to pay it any attention, let alone that which you can better use in other activities.

Entirely done with shallow Influencers and people who lack the courage to commit truly to their work.

If you’re going to be shallow and lazy, at the very least go do it in private and spare the rest of us your terrible bullshit.

If you think switching social networks can mask the basic fact that a lot of humans are terrible to each other on purpose, you’re in for a surprise.

Stephen Hackett

I can’t stop thinking about these three tweets. Ironically, I could only find them via the Wayback Machine.

POSSE is one of the biggest negative forces actively maintained by the IndieWeb.

  • Cross-posted items rarely look good.
  • Technical burden on both user and provider.
  • False sense of presence.

Inevitably, it’s largely a waste of time outside of vacuous brand type behaviour.

If Viticci doesn’t appear on The Talk Show, now of all times, then what even is the point.

I’m fascinated by the perception of touch-based technology, specifically iOS on the iPad. I can’t wait to see what people of younger generations say about it in the future.

In 10 years from now, will functional websites still exist?

(“functional” = useful and usable, rather than simply landing pages for links to silos or web apps)