I see the annual release of I Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones Aren’t I Special posts are well and truly in full motion.

Thank you, brave souls, for letting all of us know just how brave you are. Yas queen. Thank you for your service.

Video hosting in

This is a fantastic update. Not only does it open up the possibility for a whole new type of blog, and site even, it also makes the subscription offerings much more valuable.

Despite my reasons for returning to iPhone, there is one thing in particular I wish Apple would improve: photo storage. I haven’t had to think about it once with my Pixel and that should be the same experience for everybody. #ShotOniPhone is pointless without better storage.

In good news:

  • @til is not going to stop.

In better news:

  • I am feeling much better.

Longer posts forthcoming.

That new iPad Air might become my Chromebook replacement. 🤔 I wonder if this is part of Apple becoming comfortable with the iPad cannibalising the lower end of the portable Mac.

I’m going to go ahead and break up my current blitz of replies on by saying: sorry!

Here are some kitty tracks to help smooth over the flood of posts:

I continue to feel great relief at the lack of a traditional commenting system in place on my Hosted site. @Jean and @manton are doing great work by carefully approaching the entire notion of comments, which has plagued the web since before corporate social networks became big.

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Go fuck yourself, WordPress.

No, seriously, tell me about your “Euroskeptic” bullshit whilst I sit here frightened for my wife’s life because apparently disrupting access to medicine is an acceptable cost to the millions of people who voted Leave, then proceeded to google “What’s the EU”.

Fuck all of you.

I’m like “I should start a Brexit podcast!” and then I’m like “wait that means I’d have to keep on top of the events and whatnot since I don’t like doing anything half-arsed” and then I’m like “so I would have an excuse to do that and not feel totally shit” and then I feel tired.


Torn between two choices:

  1. Continue ramping up Today I Learned, publish longer writing to my blog Mon-Fri, and pursue a career via public remote independent work.
  2. Ditch the public approach in favour of privacy, write without sharing, and focus my time between carer + writer.

The more you learn about the modern web, the more you have to admit the reality; a handful of companies control everything and any moralistic decision to “extract myself from the monopoly!” is, for the most part virtue signalling and nothing more.

Source: I cut the tech giants…

Oh look, it’s Micro Monday! I need to talk about @hollyhoneychurch for a minute. Between the photos of the sweet precious angels, the honest and insightful blogging, and such a willingness to share on her own terms, Holly has been a source of joy on my timeline.

I have two aims regarding my opposition to the corporate web;

  • establish alternative means of communication and updates for my family;
  • attempt to do the same for my voluntary work.

Then next year I will look to spread this effort across the rest of my local community.