Person: “Ah this thing I’m trying to do is difficult.”

The Internet: “Oh just do this and problem solved.”

Person: “Thanks but that’s not why I posted.”

The Internet: “tHeN WhY DiD YoU PoSt iT In a pUbLiC SpAcE”

The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.

– President Donald J. Trump

American citizens:

But her emails.

Life is too short for paying attention to the words of miserable strangers.

It’s interesting to see the replies to Gabriel Santiago’s post, in which a group of iOS users are strongly requesting a feature for Does the web app not work on iOS? Or is the app-centric model so strong that people forget, or never even think, about workarounds?

Apple spends $30 million per month on Amazon Web Services, huh? I’m sure that’s super secure and helps to protect your privacy.

I’m sure I would eventually get used to working in a library but everytime I am in here I waste too much time people-watching. There’s just something about seeing society in this particular mode that I find both fascinating and … life-affirming? IDK.

Still confused by all the fuss over today. Plus you’ve all got it the wrong way around; it’s 20/4!

It’s been great to see the recent development of Indigenous, by Kristof De Jaegar. My timeline loaded in the app for the first time just yesterday.

This means there are now four ways to access on Android: Web app, Diaolog, Indigenous, and Gluon.

If Apple are (rightfully) taking shit for broken keyboards, Samsung can also (rightfully) take shit for broken phones.

You fucking TEST internally, and then you SELL people an actual working product.

We always credit sources for news, tutorials, and other articles; we link to other websites profusely because the Open Web is a beauitful thing and because it’s the right thing to do;

@viticci, 10 Years of MacStories

MacStories is one of the few sources of news I read.

I see the annual release of I Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones Aren’t I Special posts are well and truly in full motion.

Thank you, brave souls, for letting all of us know just how brave you are. Yas queen. Thank you for your service.

Video hosting in

This is a fantastic update. Not only does it open up the possibility for a whole new type of blog, and site even, it also makes the subscription offerings much more valuable.