Just writing is more important than your choice of software, platform of choice, or even your domain.

Write first. The fiddly technical bits will happen later.

Going to keep my eye out for reviews of the MP02 by Punkt., which is the best looking model I’ve seen from the recent trend of minimal function phones.

You can get to grips with by using the resource I have created: @til. Today I Learned is a collection of tips, hints, links, and more; there are various post types and pages, with more to come.

Here’s a starter pack:

“This item is free*!”

* not including taxes, shipping, and other costs we don’t feel like telling you about clearly

// Seriously. Just fucking include all costs in the price; I could not give a single fuck about your mythical non-tax, non-delivery price.

“Tim Apple” or as we like to call him


You: “People who work at Facebook and Uber should quit because they’re super evil!”

Me: “Oh hi. Nice clothes you’re wearing, I wonder where they were made and under what conditions. Oh… I see you’re enjoying your Amazon Prime… and that Starbucks coffee. Hm. Weird.”

I’ll never not spell it Waterstone’s. You’ll pry that apostrophe from my cold, dead fingers.

The depth of (attainable) 3rd party software remains the leading factor attracting me to the Mac and back to the iPhone.

But does all social media use consist of these projections? No.

@cheri, Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

Cheri is willing to keep her mind open to the possibility that other people’s lives are different from her own and that is fucking awesome.

Super Pro Tips for Life:

  • delete distracting apps from your phone;
  • restrict access to them on all of your computers;
  • throw your computers away;
  • burn every item you own in a sacrificial fire;
  • abandon your home;
  • survive in the wild, you are now truly free in the world.

Senator John Cornyn, representing “the great state of Texas”, is quoting Mussolini.


The people of the USB-IF can go fuck themselves. Arrogant dickweeds.

One of my favourite parts of making @til is when I have to use the different versions of In these moments I am reminded of how;

  • diverse and interesting the community can be;
  • open and flexible the platform is;
  • much better this social network is for my health.

Apparently a square phablet with a crease in the screen is what we now think of as impressive.

It’s amazing just how civil people can be online when you are discussing… well, nothing of substance at all.

The words “David”, “Tennant”, and “podcast” are all I needed to get the end of the week off to a good start: @DavidTennantPod.

Reminder: Core Assistance is a good website and you should check to see if any of the resources can help you to improve your website. Bonus! Justin Michael is on @VioletPixel