One of my favourite parts of making @til is when I have to use the different versions of In these moments I am reminded of how;

  • diverse and interesting the community can be;
  • open and flexible the platform is;
  • much better this social network is for my health.

Apparently a square phablet with a crease in the screen is what we now think of as impressive.

It’s amazing just how civil people can be online when you are discussing… well, nothing of substance at all.

The words “David”, “Tennant”, and “podcast” are all I needed to get the end of the week off to a good start: @DavidTennantPod.

Reminder: Core Assistance is a good website and you should check to see if any of the resources can help you to improve your website. Bonus! Justin Michael is on @VioletPixel

Measles… fucking measles in the so-called developed part of this planet in 20-fucking-19.

Now completely done with this Chromebook. It is officially significantly inferior to my basic keyboard-less iPad, which TBF for the price it ought to be.

One of my favourite things about is the early-morning version of my timeline, made up of fellow Europeans and those from other parts of the world who are not in the midst of their late evening. There’s a different energy from the mainland US timezones.

I’ve just witnessed the marvels of our technological world. Tried to use Facebook Messenger on our beefy Windows machine but because I don’t use Facebook nor Google Chrome it was too difficult to quickly and easily use. Basically, my privacy-conscious approach was punished.

As Amazon buys Eero, the only advice I have for Hot Take Season is to delete your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Here’s a tip for particularly effective self-care: watch all of Parks and Recreation. Every single minute.

Hi people on,

Just wanted to say it’s been great getting to know everybody, and that the various communities within have helped me immensely getting through a tough start to the year.

You’re all fucking brilliant.

There are some days when all I can think about is how the USA was founded by people claiming to want freedom from oppressive overlords and a system of extreme inequality… and now the most powerful people across the US are exclusively members of the rich class. 🤔

Huh… Maps products from tech companies sure were a great way to accelerate the subjugation of our species. 🤔

Before I even begin to build a website for a client, I engage in a deep conversation around two simple questions: Who is coming here and what are they looking for?

Patrick Rhone, How I Build Websites

That thing when I said to subscribe to Patrick? Yeah, that.

I’m trying to create a new calendar in the Windows Calendar app and I swear to fucking god Microsoft absolutely HAVE to shoot themselves directly in the face or they are not having a good day.


Just looking at my timeline you’d think it was Christmas morning or something. Nah; it is simply the case that Manton dropped a collection of exciting updates all at once. 🌟😃