I can’t imagine a sadder way of living life than analysing art before you’ve had a chance to experience it, whether that’s films, music, TV shows, whatever… the whole point is to actually experience the thing before you decide whether to wholesale accept or reject it.

Not entirely sure what purpose a website would serve someone like me so this page is here to redirect you to more interesting places.

Casey Neistat

Clear, honest, useful. Everything a promotional website should be.

This conversation is a perfect example of why stronger muting tools would be good for Let people moderate their own timeline where possible. I assume this is not relatively easy to implement, given the nature of the platform (feeds, etc).

Children: “I need to use the internet to get advice on getting vaccinated because my parents don’t believe in it.”

Some Of The Internet: “Here’s some help.”

Other, larger parts Of The Internet: “How can we use being nice to convince the parents to not abuse their children.”

The News: “So uh… our children are being murdered more easily via guns.”

Some Idiots: “GUNS OR DEATH”

Observers via the internet: “Let’s get all bothered about civility or some shit.”

The News: “So uh… about that poisoned water.”

Some Idiots: “HER EMAILS”

Observers via t

It’s weird how none of the people I follow in the tech punditry crowd talk about the actual wall Jeff Bezos has put between Europe and The Washington Post.

EU lawmakers: “We’re going to try to help with privacy issues.”

US billionaire: “LOL nope.”

People: “Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―”

The crushing weight of dangerously low standards in society is a real thing.

I wonder how many people know that if you’re not signed into an account on the Twitter website video embeds do not work. πŸ€”

I keep seeing “this technology is bad” and “this technology has done that” and “this technology is responsible for X bad things”. One day we’ll all agree to stop saying this because all we’re doing here is avoiding the problem; people. Technology doesn’t do anything alone.

Wondering if the Update On posts in Updates are necessary. You can see the release notes for the iOS and Mac apps in Help, whilst the info for Sunlit and Wavelength is on their app pages. Maybe roll the rest of Updates and Web Updates into the main blog? πŸ€”

Every product on the web should have a newsletter just for product updates. I don’t want to repeatedly check your blog or random part of your site nor do I ever want to rely on a social media account. Actually, come to think of it you can throw in an RSS feed just for updates.

Found a way to make hosted drafts for my blog, at least on my phone: Indigenous. It looks like a great option for focused, simple writing. Looking forward to testing it on my iPad.

As soon as Flickr launches their independent login I’m getting an account.

littleletterBIGLETTER is not the most egregious decision made by Apple in recent times but it’s still pretty bad.

My favourite news this week involved the words “Michelle”, “Yeoh”, “Star”, and “Trek”.

β€œWhite nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization β€” how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

Steve King, sitting congressman