Don’t use swear words on your blog.

I’ve seen this floating around. Again.

Listen, say the fuck whatever you want on your blog. We have enough self-censoring, sanitised bullshit on the web without independent voices adding to that mediocre pile of shit.

Reminder that taking a break from mainstream social media is not that different from taking a break from work; it’s good for your health in a lot of different ways. Consider that when the urge to rage-quit your account rises up at a particularly stressful point in your day.

Let’s see how @dialog handles posting. Ooh that’s a Markdown preview. Sweet! 😁

Donald Moffat had a guest role in my favourite episode of The West Wing. Rest in peace, sir.

I haven’t written anything of consequence for 48 hours. This is… odd.

I’m too old for senseless cynicism. We need to be constructive, direct, and more efficiently spend our energy; read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, talk with somebody… anything is better than lashing out, especially on the web.

Die Hard is the only Christmas movie worth watching every year. Fight me.

I’m tired of managing plugins. I’m tired of managing themes. I’m tired of wrangling metadata. I’m beyond tired of trying to manage the growing complexity of the Wordpress platform.

Paul Craig

Oh look, a mirror.

Over the past couple of years I’ve seen and heard people use the word “socials”, referring to their social media accounts.



I’ll be doing nothing in particular and suddenly thoughts of What We Do in the Shadows will cross my mind.

The snap! of the AirPods case is my favourite sound of the year.

Material Design is to UX that which AMP is to websites in general.

Creative Commons is a thing I keep meaning to spend more time on, researching, thinking, writing about. It could be important and is at least significant enough of a presence on the web for those of us interested in an independent web to not forget about it.

Starting to think social networks ought to be regulated to such an extent as to block them from schools and the like. Spaces for thinking, learning, developing… they can surely only be poisoned for general use if they are also exposed to the firehose of everybody’s thoughts.