Material Design is to UX that which AMP is to websites in general.

Creative Commons is a thing I keep meaning to spend more time on, researching, thinking, writing about. It could be important and is at least significant enough of a presence on the web for those of us interested in an independent web to not forget about it.

Starting to think social networks ought to be regulated to such an extent as to block them from schools and the like. Spaces for thinking, learning, developing… they can surely only be poisoned for general use if they are also exposed to the firehose of everybody’s thoughts.

Steve Jobs would hate the trade-in banner on!

– idiots everywhere

Reminder: Steve Jobs cut the price of the iPhone to 200 dollars, continuously lowered the price of the iPod, and was ready to push the lock-in strategy a lot harder than Tim Cook has.

This is the news blog. We’ll include blog posts here about recent changes or to highlight new features is the latest addition to the set of official blogs. It already looks really good. 🎉⭐

In the past month:

  • Lion King teaser
  • Toy Story 4 teaser
  • Game of Thrones teaser
  • Dragon Age teaser
  • Watership Down trailer
  • Avengers trailer


T-shirt idea for


My bet on the next web-publishing company to fuck up: Squarespace.

Between their disconcerting deal with Unsplash and years-long seeding of the tech podcast industry, this dynamic has all of the elements required of a destructive fallout.

Further to the Gutenberg editor and the inadequacies of WordPress for those of us who are focused more on publishing the things we make, yesterday I posted my wishlist. I didn’t mention categories or custom homepage, since Manton has already spoken about those.

Here is the thing a lot of people, especially those in Apple-centric circles ought to understand about Gutenberg; most people do not have an Apple computer and therefore most people do not have access to a variety of blog publishing tools. They just use the web editor.

GitHub questions: I was thinking about using it for somewhere to post the custom CSS for my blog theme. Is that a good idea or should I put it somewhere else? If it has a place on GitHub, where exactly? Somewhere in the repo? Fork? Start my own?

You know what’s super fun when you’ve got momentum with work across different projects and have your writing energy going good? Being sick, that’s what. 😐

Anyway, I’m back now. Time for more writing of the words and publishing of the posts. 💪🏻