… there’s no fallback to a web page …

John Gruber, I’m Ping Pong King

The feature stories for iOS can’t be viewed on a Mac. The same stories Apple says negate the need for affiliate revenue to exist.

Reminder: Apple doesn’t give a shit about the web.

LOL somebody asked a question about why Apple software doesn’t work a certain way and you, the rando, replied with


you’re so funny LOL GOOD ONE, MY FRIEND.

I have… in-laws. Like, that’s a thing that happened.

Mira Sorvino makes an observation about the US with President Trump, then some rando decides it’s time to put her in her place via Twitter, and her reply is FUCKING. EVERYTHING.

I love seeing sad little manbabies getting put into their place. It feeds my soul.

The UK would be significantly worse off under all possible Brexit scenarios in 15 years’ time, according to a benchmark economic analysis produced by a range of government departments including the Treasury.

The Guardian

Water remains wet.

Made some minor edits to @til pages. The one page that will be continuously updated is Links, which will get mentioned in update posts and the like but can easily change multiple times in a day; there’s just too much activity centred around to not take this approach.

I see the holiday season has brought about the cheery, joyful, Christianity of the jackbooted thugs known as US authorities. Congratulations on defending your border from the hordes of evil Mexicans.

The blogging mood really hit me – not surprising considering how much progress I’ve just made on a bunch of different projects – and I was just writing one post, which then quickly turned into two. Days like this feel really good. 😊

There’s something so satisfying about completing the hardest part of a job, especially when it’s for something new.

So, Apple removes Tumblr from the App Store because of pornographic content whilst Facebook and WhatsApp – used as tools to literally destabilise democracy – remain untouched.

Good job, Mr. Cook. I’m sure Martin Luther King would be super fucking proud.