Clicking ‘Show More’ again and again and again and again and again…

We finally, somewhat inevitably started watching Critical Role.

How is traditional TV still in business?

Is there a German word for that feeling you get when you realise you have forgotten the colour hex codes from a previous long term project?

For the first Micro Monday of October let’s talk about @vasta. Sameer writes with extraordinary depth, thinks of others first when taking part in conversaitons, and finds a way to talk about a variety of subjects and issues without wasting a single word. Simply, brilliant.

Pro tip: if you’re even .01% happy with decisions you make about colour, save the god damned code somewhere on your computer.

Take it from me, searching line-by-line through text files is the least fun thing to do on a Thursday night.

My favourite thing about Google’s partnerships with legacy media companies is how they can geoblock videos said nobody ever.

For anybody who might feel uncomfortable about direct language:

In even the wealthy parts of the world the worst possible people are freely making the lives of the most vulnerable literal nightmares so you can skip me with the “Oh my!” bullshit reactions of shock and disgust.

… hello from a Windows desktop Micro Blog app.

Kohan Ikin (@syneryder)

Kohan is also making the app available for MacOS and Linux, by the looks of it.

Perhaps the API isn’t so bad.

Be constructive, be helpful, be kind. Make your blog posts not too long, not too short, not too stream-of-consciousness and not too terse. Remember your elementary writing classes. Have a thesis, make your argument, restate your thesis.

Scott Hanselman

When people refer to blog posts as “blogs”. 😬

In other Microsoft behaviour any reasonable person would object to, is stealth bloatware(woo!)

Being treated as the parasite of enterprise software is becoming less bearable with each passing day. If the Mac is half as pleasant as its fans say it is, I’ll be gone ASAP.

PetPhoto both adds to and sometimes creates the positive parts of my mood.


For Micro Monday I’m making it two image-centric GMT-located people in a row by pointing you to @robertbrook who primarily photoblogs his journeys in and around London. His posts are a great reminder of just how interesting so much of this world we have built can be!

Compared to hosting your own blog and auto-posting it to, which won’t cost you and won’t make any revenue, posting for a hosted blog seems to decrease your ownership.

Belle B. Cooper

Note: Self-hosting actually costs a lot.