You know winter is well on truly on the way when the only spiders left are the big ones. ❄️🕷

The iPhone XS is faster than an iMac Pro on the Speedometer 2.0 JavaScript benchmark.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Sure, go ahead and talk about the cost of this device as if it’s just a phone.

  1. The “good old days” were never that.
  2. It’s OK if people behave differently than what you consider to be “correct” or “appropriate”.
  3. If you think a particular set of voices are missing from a place, be that voice.

Hey Google,

I’d like to know what apps I’m using the most, you know, the feature Apple have had for a while now on the most expensive and prioritised device you make yourself.


An Android User Who Shouldn’t Have To Wait For A Fucking Beta Program For This Shit

My favourite thing about John Siracusa is his honesty. He doesn’t hide his critical nature behind “just telling it like it is” or some other bullshit; he actually explains why he approaches things the way he does. The other trendy critical pundits are generally terrible.

The thing I miss the most from Feedbin; the newsletter address. Such a good idea that I can’t wait to get back.

One of the big positives of using a voice-controlled robot to set your alarm; the moment you yell at it to stop, you’re totally waking up now!

The last line in this piece by @brentsimmons hits the nail on the head.

If you ever find yourself in the process of using the words “RSS needs innovation” or anything near that, just stop. Seriously, don’t do that to yourself.

I was on a podcast! 🎉 For the first time. 😅

It was a great experience being on @monday with @macgenie who is so good at making things easy and a joy to talk to. Thanks Jean!

Here’s the epsiode, including a guest appearance from my early autumn cold. 🍂🤒

Oh look, Micro Monday time!

I love it when artists join our community and @skysandison is the latest to grace us with their presence. Love their work, it’s only making Edinburgh more tempting than ever, and yay another GMT member!

Awesome. ✌

Path is dying.

Yet more proof that when it comes to the closed, privacy invasive web you cannot compete against Facebook. Also @manton continues to be right with increasing certainty; the only viable alternative is the open web.

I’m looking forward to the character restriction on replies. My tendency to ramble is bad for my ambitions to better study and write about a variety of topics.

If we’re telling people to not use AMP we also HAVE to tell them to make their websites usable;

  • As light as possible. You are not allowed to spend people’s data with your bullshit scripts.
  • Free of invasive tracking. You are not allowed to destroy people’s privacy.