If you’ve tried to send me a message at it probably didn’t go through, which you probably saw but I’m just saying this in case you did not. I’ve tested and it works now.

(I’m super good at email, honestly. 😑)

It’s unsurprising but still disheartening to see so many people leap from “Fall detection in the Apple Watch” to “This will be good For The Old People.” As if younger people aren’t capable of falling over. 🙄 Also, impaired mobility is a thing across all ages JSYK.

Time for Apple to introduce the Pro moniker for top-end iPhones. They’re no longer what most people need and have become about more than just what people want, whilst the lower end devices are great. I think this would help reduce people’s perception that it costs too much.

A thing from the past few weeks of chaotic things happeing “in the Real World”. Turns out just dumping Facebook and Whatsapp is in fact not the simple decision a lot of people like to say it is, especially here on I kinda knew that anyway, just had it confirmed.

I am so much happier on than I ever was on the mass market social networks.

1st person Elder Scrolls on a phone is unreal. Also, the camera improvements for iPhone X are ridiculous.

You: “Google is evil!”

Me: “OK. Offer alternatives.”

You: “Here, make a bunch of accounts, try these things that may or may not work, and spend a bunch of money.”

We have to do better than this. Stop thinking your moral indignation and niche knowledge is enough.


(Image: An iPad in its box, yet to be opened.)

Testing Pico since my phone decided it was OK to download it after an update.

cc @belle

One thing I have yet to talk about on here (at all, I think) is the NHS. I’m used to avoiding the subject on Twitter because, well, a lot of people seem to be keen on misunderstanding a good thing. But, in a nutshell: I fucking love it.

It feels cold in the evening; all is right with the world. 😊

I’m going to play with some toys over the next few days:

  • ADN Finder
  • indiebookclub
  • Indiepaper
  • Quill

Beware people who like to dress as “serious thinkers” or “academics”, when their real desire is to hurt other people. There’s something particularly nasty about a person who reacts to disagreement with insults, the facade of their appearance disappearing in a moment of ill temper.

The special double bill of @monday was a lot of fun. Seeing the tech development side of things for MB from different viewpoints is interesting enough but it also reveals the importance of remembering these networks are made up of people. Building with that in mind is 💯


One of the many reasons I massively prefer to Twitter is that Manton Reece has shown no interest in allowing vile people to peddle their sick message across the network.

Jack Dorsey on the other hand…