I’m going to play with some toys over the next few days:

  • ADN Finder
  • indiebookclub
  • Indiepaper
  • Quill

Beware people who like to dress as “serious thinkers” or “academics”, when their real desire is to hurt other people. There’s something particularly nasty about a person who reacts to disagreement with insults, the facade of their appearance disappearing in a moment of ill temper.

The special double bill of @monday was a lot of fun. Seeing the tech development side of things for MB from different viewpoints is interesting enough but it also reveals the importance of remembering these networks are made up of people. Building with that in mind is πŸ’―


One of the many reasons I massively prefer to Twitter is that Manton Reece has shown no interest in allowing vile people to peddle their sick message across the network.

Jack Dorsey on the other hand…

lol Malcolm Gladwell has opinions about Steve Bannon. OK Malcolm.

⭐️ Micro Monday! My question is this: Why aren’t you reading @JohnPhilpin’s posts? Beyond a substantial mix of commentary, the first and only British MB meet-up, and a continued effort to highlight other people is the refreshing simplicity of a an all-round nice chap.

The latest episode of @TheWeeklyReview (That’s Too Devious, Jean) was great. At one point I couldn’t help but say aloud “Oh no my Vatican Tour!”


Going into the next (two) Apple event(s) this is my to-buy plan:

  • MacBook Pro (no Touch Bar)
  • iPad 9.7 inch
  • Apple Watch (either 2018 or 2017)

Now I’m looking forward to see what Apple releases to either completely change or solidify my plan, re: MacBook and Watch.

People who complain about “needing a rest” or whatever from Marvel movies. Like… OK? You know you can just… not go to the cinema, right? Somebody did let you know you’re not legally bound to watch these films?

I keep going back and forth on MacBook vs iPad. At one point I recently thought my preference for unibody had me firmly in the MacBook camp but then I heard Jason Snell and Myke Hurley talk about how the iPad keyboard is much better and now I’m stuck again. πŸ€”

One of my favourite things about the Marfa theme is that the search, though external, is run through DuckDuckGo.


(Image: A screenshot of the upgrade page for the Today I Learned account.)

That 9to5 leak is something else. Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple made that happen.

App not installed.

– Android’s reaction as a result of an accidental tap I made.

Feels super great to be punished for an accidental tap. What an amazing OS. 😐

We can’t make a headline feature from WWDC work on time but here’s a firmware update for a product we no longer sell.

– Apple, August 2018

Submitting your legal ID to Instagram… what could go wrong.

πŸ‘‹ An Introduction:

Hi! I’m Simon, a 33 year-old cis male. I enjoy blogs about the arts, especially music, film, and video games but also enjoy reading blogs in general. I blog about my general interests and people being creative on the web. Oh, also, podcasts are awesome.

We need a word for that feeling you get when you’ve just posted to a lot.