Dialog early impressions:

  • Dark theme is awesome.
  • Scrolling is very good.
  • Navigation is intuitive and nicely contains the depth of

It just feels… so good.

Hm, regret posting that home screen now. Going to switch Talon for Messages.

There is a genuine belief from people in 2018 that pre-2008 internet was much better. It’s the midlife crisis for the social web early adopter generation.

I still can’t read twitter threads. (no that website doesn’t help)

It’s Micro Monday time and it’s gotta be @vishae, whose feed makes me feel a whole lot better about the random assortment of interests that I hold. Truly a person who enjoys the variety of life with both great care and genuine enthusiasm.

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚Serena Who?

… Israel has now killed more than 90 Palestinians in the past six weeks for approaching the fence it placed around Gaza, surpassing the total number of East Germans shot and killed for trying to scale the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989

Robert Mackey inspires blog posts, whilst social media encourages spam posts.

I still can’t vouch for omnibear as much as I would like. Anything but a basic note post does not work from Chrome with a hosted site. And as with too much of the IndieWeb, the opportunity to get help is not as obvious as it ought to be.

I’ve noticed a pattern with regard to British comedians:

The moment they have “made it” in the US is a sign they’ve used up what talent they had and are now desparate more than anything. Example: Ricky Gervais

Open Live Writer (predictably) has… issues. Let’s see what iA Writer has to offer on Windows – the Android app has promise, at a first glance.