I wonder if we could have some official requests/suggestions channels for I enjoy reading Manton’s blog and talking to him as a user but the constant interceding by people asking for something doesn’t make for a nice experience at all.

I don’t think writing about tech is the thing for me, at least not in the midst of the popular discourse. The volume of Expert Opinionating contains toxicity of a kind that I can’t tolerate, from so many people as well. Meh.

Day One are currently having problems with their sync. They’re working on it and providing as many answers as possible, along with people working whilst sick and through family vacation time. What do they get on Twitter? Hostility from “experts”.

My week:

  • ✔️Main site settled with a substantial update
  • ✔️Personal blog settled as a substantial update.
  • ✔️Began Twitter experiment for curated, reduced use.
  • ✔️Avengers: Infinity War tomorrow as a reward.


Reminder for when you’re being cynical about digital assistants helping people to do things:

Not everybody has the ability or resources to do everything the way you do.

Google are providing proof that their digital assistant is becoming an actual assistant. I look forward to the Apple pundits either pretending this isn’t happening or dismissing it with “All of the digital assistants are bad.”

Google’s robots are using “Uh” and “Umm” in conversations on your phone. Meanwhile, Siri would like to tell you about Something It Found On The Web.

I keep going back and forward on whether to cut out Twitter altogether. There are some important voices on there who aren’t so priveleged to have the resources to go indie – time, energy, money… It’s important to live in the world we’re in, not an empty utopian alternative.

A big mark against the IndieWeb is just how damned awful DNS is. Nobody should ever be exposed to this unless they can prove they know what they are doing.

Every year there is an unexpected rise in temperatures I spend at least some time not doing anything, like, in a bad way. At some point I really ought to plan ahead for this, since this “unusual weather” has become like clockwork.

How somebody who works at Automattic hasn’t taken the Visual Editor and thrown it into the Sun is beyond me.

Rene Ritchie discovered that sometimes untrue things are published in the media.

Counting down the days to’s MySpace importer.

The President of the United States of America calls a London hospital a “warzone”, which is patently untrue. Meanwhile, children across the United States of America continue to learn “active shooter drills”.

Feels so good to have completed the process of establishing my hosted MB as a blog in its own right. On top of the joy of finishing something is the motivation to DO MORE RIGHT NOW OMG. 💪

No, nothing is changing. Same app you know and love, same team working on it but now with more resources than ever before.

shifty jelly; The Next Chapter

If nothing else, this is something to hold them against.

Why would you give a dishonest opinion?

Lol. Let’s all pretend that the world of US and UK politics aren’t what they are, shall we.