Weird. I submitted a post in the afternoon, it went through as usual but didn’t appear immediately. I left and thought nothing of it since sometimes there is a delay… and now, no post at all. So I missed a day. :/

Two days without my anti-histamine and I’m about ready to rip my skin off.

Learning (via email no less) that double tapping the power button on my phone opens the camera is just… great.

Today’s excitement;

  • a positive health appointment;
  • Pixel 2 successfully ordered;
  • Thor: Ragnarok seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

Not bad. 👌

Converting the majority of your home into a collection of boxes is a process that is never not, just, weird.

Time to shut down the big computer. No more desktop until Tuesday and no internet for it probably until Friday at the earliest.

Laptop time!

Two things could happen to encourage Twitter to maintain a Mac app:

  1. Apple takes the ‘app’ part of the Mac more seriously, thus keeping that relevant.
  2. US citizens of Twitter do a better job of taking abuse seriously, thus letting Twitter know that should be the priority.

I set up cross-posting to Twitter from this feed but changed my mind within a couple of days. remains the primary avenue for my micro-blogging; non-automated tweets will be infrequent as it remains lowest priority, my only traditional social media.

Square photos look so good in the tl. Nice work, Micro.bloggers. 👍

This is one of the many reasons I’m happy to see @manton starting strong with an anti-ad approach on

You know that thing when your body does not appreciate this whole ‘moving house’ thing? Yeah. That. 🙄

Don’t tempt me Frodo!

– me everytime I see something that I want

Currently watching Google’s Ocotober event and, well, I’m impressed. Certainly looking forward to getting my hands on this stuff.