Elon Musk can send a car into space but people in his country still don’t have access to clean water.

You know, for a (relatively) long time I’ve been planning on going all in on Apple. The repeated anecdotal evidence of software decline has me thinking twice; if Google’s hardware is good enough why shouldn’t I go to where the best software (and therefore experience) is?

Normal people need help setting up a blog-centred website whilst retaining a decent level of control and ownership. Unfortunately indie developers generally don’t have the ability to truly help. However, @manton is, with He’s my Micro Monday. πŸ‘

The Day After Failing At An Attempt To Do Something New is usually difficult. Fortunately tomorrow comes with an exciting house viewing, the perfect distraction.

That was a fun day. It’s fair to say I’m not hosting my own site, certainly not for the foreseeable future. Sometimes the only option you have to discover whether you have the personality suited for something, is to try it. I’ll continue with WP-Hosted.

I just remembered people mentioning they host Jekyll on GitHub Pages and now think maybe… I should have done that all along. πŸ™ƒ

Well that was fun. Tried Linode, using PuTTY to get a website going. Totally failed since I really don’t have room in my life for investing in all of that time and effort; probably never will, unless the alternative efforts I’m putting into writing don’t work out.

Nothing like a stalled Apache install to maintain my serious doubts about going deep into indie web. πŸ‘

I ran into a problem with getting my server going and… I solved it. I forgot just how good that feels.

I wonder if @gruber has seen the latest pop-up based bullshit from Medium. Coercing people to create an account with “Hey, you’ve come back to us so let’s make it official.” and other such phrasing is bad enough but to push it via pop-up is gross.

I am full of πŸ‘ for the beginning to this week’s atp. Siracusa on fire.

Started planning out my site’s move from WordPress Hosted to a self-hosted option. Seem to be settling on Sunday as the likely day for this kind of work, planning and such.