… Glitch has delivered an easier way for coders to create on the web right from the start, with things like real-time collaborative editing, instant deployment and automatic secure hosting.

Glitch is live.

At first glance is like Twitter β€” a micro blogging service (clever name, eh?). But that isn’t all.

How-to, a from @eli

A blog post greatly inspiring my thoughts for a blog post, Γ  la the web.

I made a ‘faves’ playlist on Pocket Casts (incidentally, Shifty Jelly just released a Windows app) and it turns out I uh… well, there are 28 podcasts in the filter. Too much podcast? πŸ€” Or not enough podcasts???? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Last year, Elon Musk personally urged workers not to unionize, and promised to provide them with free frozen yogurt if they listened to him.

Elon Musk Is an Asshole

But yay rockets amirite.

Open Live Writer looks like the only genuine piece of software that can provide Windows users with an app for both writing and publishing. At least, I hope it works with minimal maintenance needed. 🀞

I’m currently catching up on my podcasts, having been out of the loop for six weeks, and especially enjoying Presentable by Jeff Veen. Recent highlights:

  • VR with Shahid Kahn
  • The open web with Jeremy Keith
  • Accessibility with Laura Kalbag

Watched Atomic Blonde a couple of nights ago. Was a lot of fun, and refreshing to see an action woman. Another highlight was the music; currently enjoying it via a playlist. 🎢🎞️